The Hall’s majestic Gallery was the setting for a unique exhibition on 16 & 17 June 2013 as artist Tom Oxley presented his latest project, Face to Face: The Moving Portrait.

The project aimed to bring the 19th century photography technique of imprinting a three-minute exposure on to a glass plate up to date by creating three-minute high definition video portraits of artists listening to a song of their choice.

Among the many video portraits on display were Liam GallagherAzealia BanksProfessor GreenMark RonsonJake BuggThe Maccabees and Eliza Doolittle, each offering a unique and intimate look into the character of the artist. You can see some of these, including Miles Kane listening to The Rolling Stones’ Play With Fire, on Tom Oxley’s Vimeo.

VIDEO: InAVate talk to Tom Oxley about the technology behind the exhibition

Face to Face was open to the public on Sunday 16 June before a private viewing, featuring Oxley himself as well as a number of his featured artists, took place on Monday 17 June. London-based band Citizens had the rare honour of playing a short set in the Gallery of the Royal Albert Hall, a space not usually used for live performance.

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All images: Andy Paradise, 2013

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