The ultimate clash of brains and brawn is coming to the Royal Albert Hall on 10 October 2012 as chessboxing is contested in the Hall’s Loading Bay.
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Chessboxing sees competitors aim to out-think and out-fight each other in the boxing ring, bringing together strategy, tactics and punching power in an unforgettable mix of fast-moving entertainment and physical courage. You have to see it to believe it!

“It’s not completely mental” ITV News
“World’s ultimate sport!” Vice Magazine
“The audience is unanimous in its enthusiasm” BBC One
“Fascinating!” The Independent

About chessboxing

Well what is chessboxing? The fact it’s a hybrid of chess and boxing will probably be no surprise to an outsider, but here’s a few rules of the sport:

  • A match consists of up to eleven alternating rounds of boxing and chess.
  • Starting with chess, the rounds alternate between 4 minute speed chess rounds and 3 minute boxing rounds.
  • There is a one minute break between rounds.
  • Competitors can win by achieving a knockout or checkmate, by the judges’ decision, or if their opponent’s twelve minutes of chess time is exceeded.
  • If a competitor fails to make a move during the chess round, he is issued a warning and he must move within the next 10 seconds. Repeated warnings may result in a disqualification.
  • Players wear headphones when playing chess so that they cannot hear any assistance from the audience or the commentary.
  • If the chess game reaches a stalemate, the scores from the boxing rounds are used to determine the winner. If the boxing score is also a tie, the player with the black pieces wins.

Watch footage from the European Chessboxing Championship:

Chessboxing in the Loading Bay

The Royal Albert Hall is no stranger to the boxing ring, having welcomed some of the all-time boxing greats over the past century, but this event promises to be something quite different!

Home to the groundbreaking graffiti project Load, the Loading Bay is set to open its large doors, usually reserved for delivery trucks and convoys of lorries preparing for the show on-stage, to this ultimate hybrid contest.


October’s event will feature the greatest line-up of chessboxing talent in history, with four bouts, including the UK’s Number 1 heavyweightAndy ‘The Rock’ Costello.

Other competitors include Germany’s Tim ‘CSI’ Bendfeldt,  Mike ‘The Bedfordshire Bull’ Botteley, Armenia’s pocket dynamo Vladimir Agasaryan and carrying hopes of all Latin America, Costa Rica’s outstanding young prospect, Jose Sanchez Amen. Quite simply the greatest line-up of chessboxing talent in history!

Live chess commentary will come from the incomparable IM Malcolm Pein and a giant digital screen means you won’t miss a move. The evening will also include live cabaret & DJ entertainment.

If you’re a fan of boxing, chess, or a great alternative night out, then we recommend giving chessboxing a try!

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