The Royal Albert Hall is surrounded by famous statues and landmarks, including the Albert Memorial situated over the road and the Royal College of Music to the South, however we have recently been joined by a new installation.

The installation is part of the BT ArtBox project – a vast, open-air exhibition taking over London’s streets from 18 June to 16 July.

The project was launched to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ChildLine, the free confidential helpline and online service for young people.

Over 80 leading talents have re-styled the original ‘K6 kiosk’, the much-loved icon of British design – the red telephone box – in their own creative way.


The ArtBox outside the Hall was designed by TV presenter Timmy Mallett and is named Ring-a Royal-Phonebox.

It is located to the north of the building, opposite the park, and will be there until Monday 16 July.

Timmy says:
“I was always intrigued by the idea of the Royals in a phonebox and started with a huge Union Jack rippling over the back of the box, following the contours of it’s iconic shape. I then put three members of the Royal Family in each of the windows. Her Majesty the Queen, beneath the royal standard looking quite excited to be on the phone with her beloved corgi at her feet.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in that stunning blue dress on her iPhone with a golden pram behind her. We’re all excited by the prospect of a baby and it would be nice to speculate!

The third window shows Prince Harry in that classic Usain Bolt pose – it is the Olympic year of course – with an old fashioned push button A and B phone and one of those postcards so often found in phoneboxes today! Except this one has a altogether more acceptable message!

There are some other Timmy elements – Pinky Punky refers to Harry and William’s favourite show as kids; the yellow polka dots to Catherine’s first record she bought, and the the signature down below the Queen’s feet leads you to bow to her!

I’m intrigued to hear people’s captions to what the royals might be saying in their phonecall?!”

BT ArtBox project

Other designers involved in the project include Sir Peter Blake, Lily Cole and Philip Treacy. The Royal Albert Hall is just one of the many ArtBox sites to explore across London, along with other sites including Chinatown and The Royal Academy.

The project culminates in an auction of the ArtBoxes, with funds being donated to ChildLine, ensuring that many more children and young people can continue to get comfort, advice and protetion when they need it most. Learn more at

Explore the other boxes online at

Get involved

Visiting the Hall before 16 July? Please send us pictures of you ‘ringing a royal’ with Timmy’s ArtBox.

Send your pictures in to and we’ll post the best ones!